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Youngkin stays on Virginia public schools, rescinds curricula found in violation of civil rights

Interim report rescinds policies, programs, resources that promote discriminatory, divisive concepts

Published: February 25, 2022 2:09pm

Updated: February 25, 2022 6:16pm

Virginia GOP Gov. Glenn Youngkin on Friday followed through on his first official initiative after taking office in January to review, then rescind what his considers "inherently divisive concepts including Critical Race Theory" in commonwealth public school curricula.

Youngkin announced the move in a 19-page report in which he states: "Executive Order One charged the [commonwealth's] superintendent of Public Instruction to begin the work of identifying and addressing inherently divisive concepts including 'Critical Race Theory. ... This interim report rescinds certain policies, programs and resources that promote discriminatory and divisive concepts as directed by Executive Order One."  

To be sure, Youngkin last year successfully campaigned on the idea that public school had gone to far in deciding curricula that some parents and others found discriminatory, or at the very least too liberal, without having a way to successfully question the choices of those in charge. 

"The concepts have become widespread in the Virginia Department of Education and in Virginia school divisions," Youngkin continues in the report.

"And we will need to proactively review policies, practices and pedagogies around the state to uphold the Civil Rights Act and comport with Executive Order One. We must continue to ensure that no student in Virginia is taught to judge or treat others differently solely on the basis of their race, skin color, ethnicity, sex or faith. As the work continues, we will engage stakeholders in an ongoing dialogue." 

He also said the report will be followed by a similar, 90-day report.

"As your governor, I will continually stand up for students and parents and look forward to signing the largest education budget in Virginia's history," Youngkin also said.

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