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Virginia middle school students host 'fight clubs' with parental help, principal says

Some of the fight clubs include brackets, betting and challenges, the principal said.

May 30, 2023 9:45am

Updated: May 30, 2023 12:42pm

Middle school students in northern Virginia have created "fight clubs" with the assistance of parents, and the violence is entering the school building, the school's principal says. 

"Students have created 'fight clubs,' some of them elaborate with brackets, betting, and challenges, and many parents are well aware of their child's participation in them, some hosting in their garages or basements," Lunsford Middle School Principal Carrie Simms said in a newsletter to parents last week.

Loudoun County Public Schools say Simms' message was in response to a physical altercation earlier this month and questionable activity that was subsequently found on social media, according to multiple news reports.

"We cannot tell you how to parent, but when your children create TikToks and Instagram pages using Lunsford's name, and then attempt to hold these fights in our hallways and bathrooms, we will take action," Simms also said.

The county's sheriff's office on Friday told the local Fox affiliate the agency is not involved in the events unfolding at the school.

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