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Audit of Nevada mail-in ballots indicates roughly 3% of them questionable

The audit was conducted for the Trump campaign's legal team in Nevada,

Published: December 3, 2020 7:20am

Updated: December 3, 2020 8:36am

An audit of more than 1,400 mail-in ballots in Nevada indicates that 2% of them were cast on behalf of voters who never received a ballot in the mail, and 1% were cast on behalf of voters who say they did not vote in the election at all.

The audit, which was conducted by Baselice and Associates for the Trump campaign's legal team in Nevada, suggests that the above mentioned 3% of voters whose identities matched the names on the ballots they inspected were not actually the ones who cast the ballots.

An evidentiary court hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, during which the legal team is set to present more detailed findings related to the audit. 

A judge in Nevada granted the Trump campaign the right to inspect the election machines used on Election Day in Nevada's Clark County. However, campaign attorneys are now saying that county officials provided just a "guided tour" of the machines. 

"Machines were not usable, and we were not able to make a determination about the accuracy and integrity of the election process based on this inspection," Trump's legal team said. "We are entitled to a computer forensic inspection in accordance with the judge’s order.

"We were prevented from doing one. This was a digital election and we were not allowed a digital inspection. The ‘inspection’ today was like trying to determine if a car had failed brakes without getting underneath the car." 

The main focus of the team's lawsuit is that 130,000 Clark County ballots were verified using a machine that the plaintiffs believe was not properly operated. Wednesday's hearing will be the first time attorneys for the president's campaign present evidence before a judge in an election lawsuit.

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