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Chairman of Wisconsin GOP says the Republican Party can't win unless it embraces early voting

'We can't keep going into Election Day 200,000 votes down and make it up in 13 hours,' Schimming said.

June 7, 2023 6:49pm

Updated: June 7, 2023 7:59pm

Chairman of the Wisconsin GOP, Brian Schimming, said that if the Republican Party wants to win elections, it has to embrace early voting. 

"It's not just important, but it's the key to winning," Schimming said on the Wednesday edition of the "Just the News, No Noise" TV show. "I've been around for a few years and I generally have not voted absentee or early in my life. But, look, things are changing."

"I keep telling people in Wisconsin that we can't keep going into Election Day 200,000 votes down and make it up in 13 hours," he continued. "The arithmetic does not work."

Schimming said that a positive way for voters to look at early voting is that they won't be bombarded with texts or calls. 

"You early vote and what do we not have to do anymore?" he asked. "We don't have to text you or call you or knock on your door. We don't have to mail you. We can spend all that time on undecided voters."

Schimming added that the key to winning the upcoming 2024 presidential election is getting those who usually don't vote in elections to vote. 

"We've got to go after voters who typically take a pass on voting," he said. "They're with us maybe on life, on the second amendment and other issues, but they don't go vote."

"The truth is there are hundreds of thousands of them. If we go get them and get them to vote early, we win," he concluded. "It's that simple."

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