Congressman warns of Russia and China ‘stuffing ballot boxes’ for November election

'For the life of me, I do not understand why a citizen of this country is not concerned about illegal aliens or foreign governments coming in stuffing ballot boxes in this country' – Georgia GOP Rep. Rick Allen

Updated: August 25, 2020 - 5:41pm

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Georgia Republican Rep. Rick Allen told Just the News that the automatic mailing of ballots in some states without a formal request first could open the door to foreign governments or illegal immigrants voting in the November election.

To support his warning, Allen cited fellow Georgia GOP Rep. Barry Loudermilk who said one of his staffers received two ballots at his Maryland address before the state’s primary race addressed to different people who do not currently live there. His staffer also received the absentee ballot he formally requested from the state of Georgia.

“For the life of me, I do not understand why a citizen of this country is not concerned about illegal aliens or foreign governments coming in stuffing ballot boxes in this country,” Allen said Monday after a virtual roundtable discussion with Georgia election officials.

“It looks like to me that based on what some of these states are adopting, I mean, Russia, China, anybody could come in and vote. If they can find an address and post mark it, their vote would count and to me, that is absurd,” he also said.

States such as California and Nevada have decided to send out ballots to the addresses of everyone in the state voter files.

New Jersey Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy announced his state also would mass mail ballots, despite the fraud that occurred in the city of Paterson election in the state. 

House Administration Committee Ranking Member Rep. Rodney Davis said voter files in many states are outdated due to deaths and changes of address. 

"We're seeing absentee ballot requests go out to people who, you know, are erroneously registered due to death or due to moving from that particular address. Imagine how ripe for fraud it would be if live ballots were mailed out,” Davis said in response to a question from Just the News.

Davis said Allen was referring to the process called ballot harvesting when he said foreign governments could try stuffing ballot boxes in America.

“It's legal in California, illegal in North Carolina. A Republican operative will likely go to jail in North Carolina for breaking the law and harvesting ballots,” Davis said. “However, if that person was doing the same thing in California nothing would be done because the process is legal in California.”

Georgia Republican Rep. Austin Scott said he wants to know “when and why” states such as California, Nevada and New Jersey decided to change their election laws and processes ahead of the November election.

“I mean, this is intentional on their part and I don't think there's been, quite honestly, enough candid reporting on that. And that's my concern with what's happening right now – when and why did the states change their laws and processes?” he said.