Former New York Rep says that Republicans should oppose vaccine mandates

Former New York Representative Dr. Nan Hayworth says that when the Republicans take back the House, they should be hostile towards vaccine mandates

Updated: August 18, 2022 - 7:41pm

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Former Representative Dr. Nan Hayworth (R-N.Y.) said on the Just the News, Not Noise TV show that if the Republicans take back the House this November, they should strongly oppose vaccine mandates. 

"I think Republicans are going to be very hostile to mandates as they should be," Dr. Hayworth stated.

"The federal government does not have the power to mandate vaccines on private entities or states," Dr. Hayworth later said. "But certainly from the federal level, I can see Congress taking a stand on that and they should."

Dr. Hayworth shared her thoughts regarding the CDC rolling back their health guidelines and making them more lenient. 

"The truth will out," Dr. Hayworth said. "It's clear that there are some profound questions that we need to ask about the harmful effects, both in the short term and the long term, of what was done government's mandates and interventions during COVID."

"When we look at the CDC website, they're starting to scrub it of certain content concerning mRNA vaccines, lots of questions, lots of challenges from credible people about the concerns over side effects especially in young people," Dr. Hayworth continued. 

The conversation moved to the former congresswoman's position on Arizona deciding to undertake a huge initiative regarding school choice, in which families can choose where to send their students to school. 

"It's going to be great for the children of Arizona," Dr. Hayworth stated. "Because this is what they need. Their parents know what's best for their children. And to give parents that option that opportunity to take their dollars and go to the best schools, will incentivize schools, of course, to champion excellence in didactics."

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