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Former NE Patriot Bequette announces GOP primary bid for Boozman's Arkansas Senate seat

Bequette was a defensive end for the Patriots from 2012 to 2015.

Updated: July 14, 2021 - 3:47pm

Former New England Patriots Jake Bequette says he will enter the Arkansas GOP primary race to challenge incumbent Sen. John Boozman.

Bequette, who was an NFL defensive end, made the announcement Monday about his 2022 bid. 

Bequette, an Army veteran and Arkansas native, says Boozman has been in Washington for too long and that it's time for a new person to hold the Senate seat.

"What’s happening in Washington these days is a disgrace. Democrats have been taken over by radical socialists, and too many Republicans just go along to get along," Bequette said in his announcement video. 

Although Bequette is a supporter of former President Trump, the former president has already endorsed Boozman for reelection.

Boozman also has the support of other key GOP power players such as former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders and junior Arkansas GOP Sen. Tom Cotton. 

Boozman is seeking a third Senate term after having served 10 years in the House.

Other GOP challengers include Jan Morgan, a gun range owner who ran against Gov. Asa Hutchinson in the 2018 GOP primaries.

Arkansas is a solidly red state, so the winner of the Republican primary will likely will the general election. 

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