Former state GOP chairman warns Texas going in wrong direction on election integrity

Allen West cites downgrading of election felonies, sidelining of AG in prosecutions and audit showing foreigners managed to get on voter rolls.

Updated: March 7, 2022 - 10:29pm

Former congressman and Texas Republican Party Chairman Allen West says he fears the Lone Star state is going in the wrong direction when it comes to election integrity.

"No, we're not securing our elections in Texas," West said during an interview Monday night on the Just the News TV show on Real America's Voice. "And right now, that's a big issue."

West cited three recent developments as cause for concern:

"We have a Republican-controlled legislature, of course, the governor and the lieutenant governor is Republican, but yet we downgraded voter fraud in the state of Texas by law from being a felony offense to a misdemeanor offense," West sad. "That's very concerning for a lot of people."

West said he is concerned about the recent appeals court ruling because it leaves election prosecutions in the hands of local district attorneys, which in big urban counties are supported by liberal ideologues.

And he said the recent discovery of noncitizens on the voter rolls showed the current screening procedures during Texas voter registration aren't working, while Democrats in Washington press forward with legislation to federalize election rules to, among other things, ban voter ID.

Foreigners on the voter rolls "should not happen," West said. "It should be zero. And I think that that's one of the things that concerns me about this voting rights act that the Democrats want to push, that they will outlaw voter roll registration all throughout the United States of America. And when you have 3 million illegal immigrants coming in, you don't want that to happen."

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