House GOP united about election irregularities, divided on constitutional remedy, key lawmaker says

Rep. Devin Nunes says two hour GOP caucus meeting Tuesday didn't resolve strategy.

Updated: January 5, 2021 - 4:48pm

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House Republicans emerged from a two-hour meeting Tuesday mostly united in the belief that troublesome irregularities occurred during the November 2020 election but divided about whether there is a constitutional remedy at this late stage when Congress approves electors, a senior lawmaker told Just the News.

Rep. Devin Nunes, the senior Republican on the House Intelligence Committee and a recent Medal of Freedom winner, talked about the options during an interview on the John Solomon Reports podcast where he also said he plans to oppose some states' electors during Wednesday's session.

Trump campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis has floated an option in which Vice President Pence certifies all but six states' electors on Wednesday but asks the legislatures in the disputed states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada and Arizona to clarify whether they want electors supporting Donald Trumo or Joe Biden.

All of those states, except Nevada, have GOP-controlled legislatures. Nunes said congressional Republicans discussed several options during a caucus meeting Tuesday but left without agreement.

"The challenge is going to be to get everybody on the same page," Nunes, R-Calif., said. "So there's no one that disagrees, that there was fraud. Now, the question is really coming down to, is it [Congress intervening] constitutional or not?

"So you've got some people who are saying that this isn't constitutional. On the other hand, you have folks like me who are saying, look, I just have basic questions that I want answered."

Nunes said one of his questions involves videotapes of suitcases of ballots sitting under tables in Georgia. Trump and his lawyers have raised the video as an integrity concern but state officials have tried to portray the episode as normal.

Nunes said he was concerned that Georgia officials, including the Secretary of State, during a taped phone call with Trump didn't offer a substantive answer about the suitcases that satisfied the president's question.

"'The President was very, very clear on something. ... I'm obviously just paraphrasing here. 'Tell me what happened with the suitcases Tell me what happened with the ballots?' And I would say it was a non answer. He wouldn't answer the president."

"So I'm not saying that I know 100%, that it's fraud. But I'm saying that's very unusual. And what would make me feel a lot better, and most Americans feel better, is if we actually knew the damn answers."

Nunes said he expects large numbers of Republicans to object to one or more state's electors but he does not expect there are enough votes to overturn Joe Biden as the declared winner.

"The votes aren't going to be there in either the House or the Senate, to change this. But I do think it's an opportunity for us for Republicans to make a stand where we feel we don't have sufficient answers," he said.