Vance's Ohio GOP Senate campaign brings in roughly $2.3 million, far less than Democrat rival Ryan

Vance is one of a number of Republicans who have been outraised by their Democratic opponents this quarter.

Updated: July 15, 2022 - 2:21pm

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Ohio GOP Senate nominee J.D. Vance reported more than $2.3 million in donations during the second quarter this year – a number far smaller than Democratic opponent Rep. Tim Ryan, who announced his donation number last week.

"A major part of Vance’s campaign includes speaking directly with voters and local groups across the state and building an unmatched coalition of supporters at the grassroots level," the Vance campaign said. "Vance’s strong numbers indicate his solutions-focused message continues to resonate with Ohioans."

Ryan's campaign boasted an average donation of $37.49 to tout what it considers its solid grassroots support among Ohioans. The Democrat also more than doubled his first quarter fundraising haul of $4.1 million. 

Vance and Ryan are polling within the margin of error of one another, and the Ohio race is expected to be one of the most watched in the nation as Republicans compete for a seat that is crucial for them to win if they wish to flip control of the upper chamber.

They are competing for the seat of retiring GOP Sen. Rob Portman.

Ryan is one of several Democrats running in competitive races who has recently reported a significantly higher campaign donation haul than the Republican in the race.

Incumbent Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock recently out-raised GOP challenger Herschel Walker, as did Stacy Abrams over the state's incumbent GOP governor, Brian Kemp. It was also recently reported that Rep. Val Demmings, who is running for Senate in Florida raised over $12 million this quarter, compared to incumbent Sen. Marco Rubio's $11 million haul.

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