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'Biden is a mensch' Kamala's husband says Jewish community should vote against Trump

"Joe Biden is a mensch and we need a mensch in the White House. We need a mensch to restore the soul of this nation," Doug Emhoff says

Published: September 3, 2020 2:27pm

Updated: September 3, 2020 4:49pm

Douglas Emhoff, husband of Sen. Kamala Harris, Joe Biden's running mate, said Jewish-Americans should vote for Biden over President Trump because he shares their values, adding that the former vice president is a mensch.

"All of us have that aunt, uncle, sibling and friend who is just going to go to the mat saying, 'Donald Trump is good for Israel,'" Emhoff said Thursday during the launch of Jewish Americans for Biden in the battleground state of Pennsylvania. "I hear this all the time — that he's good for Jews. They'll concede he's crass, or mean, or a bully. Some of them might even look the other way, inexplicably, at the support he gets from anti-Semites."

"They'll say it's all worth it," Emhoff continued, "because he moved the embassy to Jerusalem. Well, I reject that idea that you have to choose between a president who is good for Israel, allegedly, [or] a president who lives by the values at the core of our faith. With Joe Biden, we get both." 

Emhoff, an entertainment lawyer, said Biden believes America's alliance with Israel is sacred.

"Joe Biden is a mensch, and we need a mensch in the White House. We need a mensch to restore the soul of this nation," he said.

The term mensch refers to a person of honor and integrity. 

Pennsylvania Democratic Rep. Susan Wild explained how she responds to Jewish voters who are leaning toward voting for Trump in November.

"Does Donald Trump or Joe Biden most exemplify the values that are held so dearly by most Jews?" she asked. "We need a mensch in the White House."

Wild said Harris would also be a mensch in the Naval Observatory, site of the vice president's official residence, when she moves in after Biden wins.


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