Lacy Johnson wins Republican primary to face off against Ilhan Omar in Minnesota

Johnson and Omar will vie to represent the state's Fifth Congressional District.

Updated: August 12, 2020 - 3:10pm

The Facts Inside Our Reporter’s Notebook

Republican Lacy Johnson won his primary in Minnesota, positioning him to take on progressive Democratic incumbent Ilhan Omar on Nov. 3.

Johnson tweeted after the Aug. 11 victory: "I thank my supporters and donors from [the Fifth Congressional District] and across America for tonight's MN GOP primary win. I thank President Trump for his endorsement and support. I thank God for his continued grace and guidance. We have a formidable challenge ahead. David slew Goliath."

Lacy Johnson is an entrepreneur who started a technology company to allow inner-city children and low-income residents to learn business technology and skills to use in the workplace. In an interview with PEN Media, Johnson explained what prompted him to first run for office.

"What inspired me to consider politics in the first place is because the zip code that I live in in Minnesota is one of the poorest in the state," Johnson said. "And there are so many systemic issues that have been there for decades, and I'm able to tie that in with this whole democratic/liberal philosophy with NAP programs, non-profit, and government programs."

The Fifth Congressional District of Minnesota has a 26-point Democrat advantage and hasn't had a Republican elected official in more than 40 years. Johnson's campaign slogan is "Fighting for a better future," and he believes that members of Congress should lead their communities to a better future and not focus on "celebrity status."

"I like solving problems," Johnson said in the PEN Media interview. "I tell people that besides being a great family man and citizen, one thing I'd want on my tombstone is: 'He solved problems.'"

Some of Johnson's beliefs and stances on issues include being pro-Israel, pro-business and pro-family and community. On his campaign page he states: "As a recent first-time grandfather, I am promoting long-term solutions which address root causes and thereby have lasting positive impacts on future generations. I wish to bring back civility, respect, and compromise to politics and government."


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