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Trump supporters march and rally in Washington, DC

"Stop the Steal" and show of support for President Trump fills D.C. streets

Updated: December 12, 2020 - 12:16pm

A march in support of President Trump flooded the streets of Washington D.C. on Saturday, crowding Freedom Plaza about a block from the White House with demands to "stop the steal" of the 2020 election. 

At the rally, embattled general and former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn—whose prosecution for allegedly lying to the FBI was recently dismissed after years of legal wrangling—called for a concerted reckoning of alleged voter malfeasance in the election last month. 

“Honesty will always triumph over corruption," Flynn told the large crowd.

“We’re only asking us to show a little transparency,” he added, calling for a thorough audit of voting machines.

The March for Trump has been on a bus tour of the country organized by Women for America First, whose executive director, Kylie Kremer, appeared Friday on Just the News’ “The Water Cooler” show with David Brody. Kremer’s mother is Amy Kremer, a staunch Trump supporter who co-founded Women for Trump and Women for America First and is a well known conservative activist going back to the Tea Party days.

Mike Lindell, the chief executive officer of MyPillow, has been a sponsor of the bus tour and will be speaking at the Saturday rally.  

David Brody on Friday expressed concern for Kremer and the Trump supporters in attendance – after a previous rally ended up with the Trump supporters being attacked allegedly by Antifa members under the cover of darkness. 

Kremer replied, “We will be just fine, and God’s got our back so people just need to lift us up in prayer just as we’re lifting up the president. And we will be triumphant and make sure that our voices are heard and we will not back down and we will not be intimidated. So, December 12, Saturday, 12 noon. Freedom Plaza. Every deplorable better be there.”

Kremer said that what they want is election integrity, to uphold the Constitution, and to demand transparency.