Mercedes Schlapp: Joe Biden is a 'closet Socialist'

The former director of White House communications thinks Biden and Bernie are two sides of the same coin

Updated: March 17, 2020 - 11:17pm

The Facts Inside Our Reporter’s Notebook

Trump campaign adviser Mercedes Schlapp says Joe Biden is a “closet Socialist.”

It's just one of many attack lines the president's campaign is preparing for the fall as Biden emerges as the likely Democratic nominee.

Schlapp said in a wide-ranging interview that she believes Biden, the favorite of establishment Democrats, shares more of the policies of Sen. Bernie Sanders, a democratic socialist, than people might think. 

“He’s gonna run as far left as he [can], which is free health care for illegal aliens, far extreme position on abortion ... and an attack on our religious freedoms,” she told Just the News contributor David Brody in an interview for his podcast "The Pod's Honest Truth."

“Joe Biden is a closet Socialist,” she added.

Either Democrat, if elected, would overturn what “the president has accomplished,” said Schlapp, the former director of White House communications.  

The Democrats are “an extreme party of radical ideas," Schlapp said. "The common sense American will say, ‘I don’t want my country to go even [farther] left.'”

The Biden and Sanders campaigns did not return calls seeking comment.