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Gingrich: Trump legal team must make 'dramatically stronger and clearer case' on election fraud

They needed to deliver a "much clearer, more consistent" message, said the former GOP House Speaker.

Updated: December 23, 2020 - 2:31pm

Trump campaign lawyers "have not succeeded" in convincing the American people that the outcome of last month's presidential election should be challenged, Newt Gingrich told Just the News on Wednesday.

While he remains hopeful Congress will contest the Electoral College vote on Jan. 6, "that doesn't mean they get anywhere," said the former Speaker of the House. "The country has to be convinced, and right now, it's not, that this election was fraudulent."

Gingrich believes that Team Trump failed to disseminate a clear and and convincing PR message at the outset of the election contestation battle. What they needed was "much clearer, more consistent communication," he told David Brody, host of "The Water Cooler" news program.

"The whole effort was hurt very badly when various lawyers would run out and say things that then turned out not to be true," said Gingrich of the Trump campaign's hard-fought battle in the month following the election to convince local leaders and the American public that the election was marred by massive fraud.

The Trump campaign legal team, led by the president's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and campaign legal adviser Jenna Ellis, has suffered significant legal setbacks. The team has mostly failed to reach the discovery phase in the many lawsuits that they've filed, and judges have, by and large, denied the attorneys a chance to present compelling evidence in court.

Gingrich says the public legal defeats have been especially detrimental to the campaign's effort to persuade Americans that something went awry the week of Nov. 3. "They've been, I think, in some 50 court cases, without any major victories," said Gingrich. "And I think with that, every time that happens, the average person shrugs and says, 'Well, I guess there's not much there.'"

"It's very hard," he continued "to go in and say to a judge, 'I'd like you to overturn the vote of 2 million or 5 million, or 7 million people.' And judges are very reluctant to do that." Trump's attorneys, in his view, "didn't make a compelling enough case" either to the courts or the public.

Gingrich is no stranger to the forces arrayed against Republican leaders. All the more reason, he argues, that Team Trump's case against the validity of the election results must be "ironclad."

"You have the elite media hating you, you have the internet giants hating you, there is a huge number of left-wing activists who are opposed to you," said Gingrich. "So you've got to really build an ironclad case. And you've got to be able to make the case so clearly and with such rock-hard evidence that people are genuinely deeply troubled."

Despite Gingrich's condemnation of Team Trump's public relations and legal strategy, he remains reluctant to accept Joe Biden as the authentic victor of the November presidential contest. "I do not believe Joe Biden won a legitimate election," he said, calling Biden's victory "a production of corruption."

"Biden has the tainted fruit of potentially occupying the White House as somebody who achieved that only by the largest scale of corruption we've seen in a modern American campaign ... It was a totally slanted game," said the former speaker, referring mainly to what he sees as constant interference from a media industry dominated by the left and massive, potentially illegal, financial interference by Big Tech leaders. 

Watch David Brody's full interview with Newt Gingrich on "The Water Cooler," airing on Real America's Voice today at 4 p.m. EST.