Rep. Pence on the debate: 'I don't know that it went that well for either' Biden or Trump

"An awful lot of people I was with actually didn't watch the whole thing," Rep. Pence says

Updated: October 1, 2020 - 6:40pm

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Indiana Republican Rep. Greg Pence doesn't think the first presidential debate "went that well" for President Trump or Democratic challenger Joe Biden.

"Kind of as expected," he told Just the News on Wednesday on Capitol Hill when asked about Trump's debate performance. "We'll see where the the second and third go. ... I thought it was interesting. An awful lot of people I was with actually didn't watch the whole thing. So I don't know that it went that well for either of them."

Pence was asked what he thinks his brother, Vice President Mike Pence, must do in the upcoming debate with Sen. Kamala Harris, the Democratic vice presidential nominee.

"I think my brother just needs to be himself," he said. "He's a hell of a nice guy."

Pence also said he would like to see Trump campaign more often in battleground states Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. He said those states are winnable for the GOP in this election. Trump narrowly lost Minnesota but won the others in 2016. 

"I'd like to see him get out to those places," he said. "Get the rural voters up. I know that the registrations on the Republican side in rural Pennsylvania is outpacing where it was in 2016. So that's pretty exciting news."

Pence also told Just the News he will not vote in favor of the updated $2.2 trillion HEROES Act.

"Money for illegal immigrants is a real problem for me," he said. "Letting prisoners go free is another real problem for me. Defunding the police by $600 million is a real problem for me from their first HEROES Act. None of that makes sense."

Pence provided a statement to Just the News on Thursday, following the video interview: 

"President Trump has an unbeatable record on our economy, jobs, infrastructure, trade deals and rebuilding our military. I believe he did a great job standing up to Joe Biden's lies on Tuesday night and I look forward to the debate format change to allow for a meaningful discussion between candidates."

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