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Rep. Matt Gaetz predicts Trump wins Florida, says 'voter fraud is the new Russia'

"Voter fraud is the new Russia," said Gaetz. "You know, back in 2016 they used Russia to try to say this is an illegitimate win and to try to cast uncertainty on the Trump victory."

Updated: September 30, 2020 - 12:17am

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Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz  predicts that President Trump will win his home state of Florida in November, but also warned there could bepost-election turmoil.

"Voter fraud is the new Russia," the Republican lawmaker during an interview on the "John Solomon Reports" podcast. "You know, back in 2016 they used Russia to try to say this is an illegitimate win and to try to cast uncertainty on the Trump victory."

Gaetz, the author of the book "Firebrand: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the MAGA Revolution," said that he is fairly certain that the president will "win the Election Day Vote" and that Democrats fear it too. 

"And so what they're trying to do now is to create a window of time after election day where there is uncertainty and then they're going to use that time I think to deploy their Antifa street mob and their Black Lives Matter protests and riots to really try to tear our country apart in the event that Trump wins that Election Day vote," Gaetz said. "Then they've got entities like the Transition Integrity Project set up to try to like literally transition the government in the absence of a mandate from the voters to do so."

"The new ingredient in 2020 will be the violence on the streets," the congressman said. "And they'll try to use that to say, 'Well, you know, now we just have to give the election to Joe Biden.' The best way to fight against this is to have our U.S. attorneys actively pursuing these instances of voter fraud and then in real time getting injunctions where necessary to the counting of ballots that were not lawfully cast."

The legislator described the Sunshine State as "a microcosm of the country" and suggested that "as goes Florida so goes America."

He spoke of Hispanic support for Trump in Florida and said that the president will probably even perform better than George W. Bush did among Hispanics, pointing to the Democratic ticket's "embrace of the woketopia, of the neo-Marxist elements of Black Lives Matter movement," as the reason.

"Like Hispanics in Florida they're builders," Gaetz said. "They build strong families, they build strong churches, they build strong communities. And this notion that the way to exercise your grievances is to riot and burn things down and break windows is very counterculture to a lot of Hispanics in Florida." 

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