Rep. Vernon Jones is a Black Democrat who supports Trump and is facing the wrath of his party

'They don’t have that room in that big tent for African Americans or independent thinkers who have conservative tendencies,' says Jones

Published: July 15, 2020 2:02pm

Updated: July 15, 2020 3:52pm

Georgia Democratic state Rep. Vernon Jones says President Trump is the final “firewall between between the Democratic Party and this country falling into anarchy.”

Jones on The John Solomon Reports podcast this week discussed his specific and sometimes contentious role as an Black Democratic lawmaker with conservative-leaning tendencies, who is opting to support President Trump over Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential election.

When asked if Democrats have tried to silence him due to his politically heterodox views, Jones said, “They censor me.”

“They don’t have that room in that big tent for African Americans or independent thinkers who have conservative tendencies,” he continued.

Jones says it’s more than just the establishment members of his party who don’t want to hear from him, it’s also the mainstream media.

“They don’t want a free-thinking African-Americans like me to be on CNN,” he said on the podcast.

Jones says that the gatekeepers of left-wing politics keeping voices like his quiet prevent him from "connecting to African-Americans and all Americans” who would see him as a “fresh breath of air for Democrats who are voting Republican.”

He asserts that no one on cable news or in his own party in Washington wants to hear from “African Americans like me, who are educated, who have political experience, are NRA members, support law enforcement, believe in the Constitution, want to put America first, believe in immigration but also securing the borders and not putting illegals before the American people.”

Jones has heard many times that he has deserted his party, though he believes the reality is that the party has left him.

“You can’t even express yourself ... the far-left is taking that away,” he said.

Despite the rejection he has faced from inside his own political camp, Jones has no plans to switch parties. He believes in the old-fashioned idea that politics should focus primarily on the good of the American people, not the advancement of a single party’s power players and a set of values.

Jones recalls a time when it was a celebrated ordeal for a member of one party to agree to support a presidential candidate of the opposing side, which is what he is now doing.

“President Trump’s record in just three and a half years has done far more than Democrats have in the past 30 to 40 years,” says Jones, particularly his effort to help the country's African-American community.

He cites Trump’s line delivered to a Black audience prior to the 2016 election. 

“What do you have to lose?” asked then-candidate Trump.

“Really, we have a lot to gain,” said Jones of the Black community’s support for the president. “Donald Trump understands Black voters.”

“He understands they want jobs, he understands they want businesses, he understands they want safe neighbors, he understands they want to be able to invest, he understands they want quality educations,” he continued.

On the accusations that are frequently directed at the president and his administration of racism and other forms of offensive behavior, Jones maintains that the president is “an equal opportunity offender.” But he’s also an equal opportunity advocate.

“Black or white, urban, farmer, or inner city, this president is pulling for you,” Jones said.

The free-thinker from Georgia believes that supporting the candidate who prioritizes improving the lives of all Americans is the only option in the upcoming election.


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