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Un-updated software that gave Biden thousands of Michigan votes used in 28 other states

System has been implicated in "glitches" in Michigan, Georgia so far.

Published: November 7, 2020 10:19am

Updated: November 17, 2020 12:03pm

Election software that awarded thousands of votes to Joe Biden in Michigan after a staff worker failed to update it is used in a majority of U.S. states, including statewide in Georgia where it has reportedly been implicated in several voting-related “glitches” there.

The Michigan Secretary of State confirmed on Friday that a mistake in Antrim County, Michigan, in which Joe Biden was incorrectly awarded thousands of votes that led him to be declared the county winner, was caused by an error in which the county clerk “did not update the software used to collect voting machine data and report unofficial results." The software is administered by the company Dominion Voting Systems. 

Following the correction of the error, the county flipped back to Trump, who walked away with 2,500 more votes than Biden. 

Beyond Michigan, Dominion Voting System is also used in a majority of U.S. states, with the company boasting on its website of having "customers in 28 states," including "9 of the top 20 counties" and "4 of the top 10 counties" throughout the county.

The system was used for a presidential election in Georgia for the first time this year, after the state announced in July of 2019 that Dominion would be given a statewide contract to provide systems and software to the state’s 159 counties.

Multiple election-related "glitches" have been reported in the state since Tuesday. In one instance, voting in two Georgia counties ground to a halt for several hours after an unknown update was applied to voting machines there.

In another county, a “software glitch” caused a delay in counting thousands of absentee ballots.

Dominion reportedly received a $107 million contract last year to install 30,000 voting machines throughout the state. Georgia was moving away from its earlier election equipment provider, Election Systems & Software, after complaints following the 2018 midterm elections.

Joe Biden currently leads in Georgia by about 7,000 votes.

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