Trump supporters, fearing ballot miscounting, descend on vote centers in Michigan and Arizona

As ballots continue to be counted in battleground states, supporters of the president arrive on the scene

Updated: November 5, 2020 - 9:10am

Hundreds of President Trump supporters in Detroit and Phoenix descended Wednesday on vote-counting centers to demand that officials "stop the count!" and "stop the steal!," as vote tallies showed Democratic candidate Joe Biden emerging as the winner, respectively, in Michigan and Arizona.

Protesters in Phoenix descended upon the Maricopa County election center, where ballots continue to be tallied. Members of the group chanted, "Stop the steal!" and "Fox News sucks!"

On Tuesday evening, the Fox News decision desk called the state of Arizona and its 11 Electoral College votes in favor of  Biden, a decision that has since come under fire for being premature.

GOP Rep. Paul Gosar joined the Phoenix crowd, declaring "We're not going to let this election be stolen. Period."

Election officials from both major parties in Maricopa County assured protesters that they were continuing the ballot count, saying that this should be evidence of the democratic process succeeding, not failing.

Protesters remained concerned that ballots in Maricopa County – Arizona's most populous county – were being undercounted, at the expense of Trump.

In Detroit, protests began at the TCF Center on Wednesday afternoon, shortly before media outlets began calling the state in Biden's favor. 

Earlier on Wednesday, the Trump campaign filed a lawsuit demanding the vote count in Michigan be halted until the state's secretary of state allow in more ballot inspectors. Similar ones are being filed in Michigan and Pennsylvania.