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Elon Musk claims fossil fuels will be more expensive than renewable energy

Musk's Tesla claimed trillions in savings long term.

Published: April 7, 2023 1:28pm

Elon Musk has become a hero among conservatives for calling out outrageous liberal ideas, but the libertarian-minded  billionaire entrepreneur still made clear Friday he thinks continued investment in the fossil fuel industry over green energy is a bad idea. 

Musk, the founder and owner of the Telsa electric vehicle company release a so-called master plan Friday that outlines his and the the company's future, which calls for a "path to reach a sustainable global energy economy."

In the Master Plan Part III, Tesla claims that it will cost $14 trillion over the next 20 years to continue investing in natural gas.

By comparison, the company says a 20-year investment on green energy will cost $10 trillion dollars. 

In the 41-page white paper, Tesla and Musk argue that “a sustainable energy economy is technically feasible and requires less investment and less material extraction than continuing today’s unsustainable energy economy.” 

Attempting to differentiate the plan from previous ones, Musk and Tesla say their's "seeks to push the thinking forward related to material intensity, manufacturing capacity and manufacturing investment required" to deliver a worldwide "transition" across the energy spectrum.

The paper begins and ends with the claim that a $10 trillion investment would yield “zero insurmountable resource challenges” in the future.

Many fiscal conservatives say continued U.S. production of such fossil fuels as gas and oil is more cost-effective than the pursuit and continued development of so-called green energies like solar and wind power.

They also argue abandoning domestic fossil fuel production will cost the U.S. too many jobs and make the country further reliant on other countries for its energy supply.

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