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Biden energy chief claims wiping out 60% of oil imports will help, not harm, energy security

America's grid has faced mounting challenges under Biden's energy transition. Critics say Biden's energy plans threaten our national security interests.

Published: August 26, 2023 11:18pm

In a speech to a Seattle crowd Wednesday, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm made the claim that lower oil imports improves U.S. energy security. 

Praising Biden’s historic green energy funding and 100% clean electricity goal by 2035, Granholm said “With all this electrification, we could slash our net crude oil imports by almost 60%, and that strengthens energy security.”

Granholm, who appeared with Vice President Kamala Harris also said Harris "has been amazing inside the White House as the champion for clean energy." 

One of the most common critiques of Biden’s green agenda is that it has thus far achieved the opposite of energy security. Regulators claimed in May that more than 66% of the country is vulnerable to summer blackouts because of “new environmental rules” cracking down on fossil fuels. 

The regulators explained that the government is causing a spike in energy demand at a pace faster than renewables can match.

Widespread concerns about national security have also come into question under Biden’s transition, since much of the materials for renewables like wind and solar are sourced from China.

Center for Industrial Progress President and founder Alex Epstein wrote that "Joe Biden's escalating bans on domestic fossil fuel production, combined with mandates of unreliable solar and wind overwhelmingly produced by unreliable China, are an existential threat to our energy security and therefore our national security."

This isn’t the first time Granholm has made this claim. In April, she also stated of her trip to Japan that Biden’s green agenda will "address how the acceleration of the clean energy transition will help strengthen global energy security."

Her Tuesday remarks came just hours after Biden received a coalition letter urging Granholm to resign for what the groups claimed to be numerous ethics violations while in her position.

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