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Former Trump adviser says the US is nearing an energy crisis

Former Deputy National Security Advisor Victoria Coates said the U.S. is approaching an energy crisis if the Biden administration doesn't take action.

August 30, 2022 6:32pm

Updated: August 30, 2022 10:37pm

Former Deputy National Security Advisor Victoria Coates told "Just the News, Not Noise"  the United States may be on the verge of an energy crisis if the Biden administration doesn't step up efforts to become energy independent. 

Last week, the BBC reported that Iraq has moved past Iran as the second largest oil producer in OPEC. 

"Right now we have an energy crisis in Europe," said Coates, who also served as senior adviser to Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette in the final year of the Trump administration. "We're not far behind here in the United States, and the administration has no interest in fostering our own fossil fuel production to make up the potential lag."

Coates was also asked about a recent report in which Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid said that he could not get President Biden on the phone to discuss the ramifications of the Iran nuclear deal. 

Fox News had reported that the reason was Biden being on vacation. 

"This seems to be a recurring theme with President Biden that either he's not available or foreign leaders aren't taking his calls," Coates stated. "He seems awfully isolated on the international stage. And that's really scary, particularly if the administration is pushing to get unilaterally back into some version of the Iran nuclear deal."

Coates went on to explain how when dealing with foreign relations, Trump was always available to talk with international leaders and discuss solutions to international issues with them. 

"There would not be circumstances, particularly during a time of international crisis, when then-Prime Minister Netanyahu could not get President Trump on the phone or vice versa," Coates explained. "President Trump was always available to our partners and allies and willing to take phone calls at the worst times."

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