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Parts of Maryland public carry gun ban blocked by federal judge

The law, titled SB 1, placed restrictions on where firearms could be carried.

Published: September 30, 2023 12:38pm

A preliminary injunction issued by a federal judge on Friday will block certain parts of a new Maryland state law that would forbid carrying guns in public, but it will allow firearms in certain specific locations. This decision comes days before the new law is set to go into effect.

The Gun Safety Act of 2023, known as Senate Bill 1 (SB 1), places restrictions on where firearms can be carried. The preliminary injunction allows guns in certain places, including some small businesses, according to The Epoch Times.

“As for the other statutes cited by State Defendants, they are not similar to SB 1’s restriction on locations selling alcohol because they do not impose a ‘comparable burden on the right of armed self-defense,'" U.S. District Court Judge George L. Russell III wrote in his ruling

“Those historical statutes prevented only intoxicated individuals from carrying firearms, while SB 1 bans all people present at locations selling alcohol from carrying," Russell continued. 

Parts of the law are expected to be enforced beginning Sunday which will limit the ability to carry firearms in places such as health care facilities, school grounds, stadiums, race tracks, amusement parks and casinos, according to the outlet. 

“The Court has recognized that so many of the restrictions the far-left wing of the General Assembly tried to place on lawful, peaceful gun owners went way beyond the bounds of what is constitutionally allowed,” said GOP House Minority Leader Jason C. Buckel regarding the law.

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