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COVID health threats are more concerning to Americans than the economic threats

A majority now say the health effects of COVID are more concerning than what it's doing to the economy.

Updated: July 29, 2020 - 4:59pm

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A majority of voters say that the health effects of the coronavirus worry them more than the economic threats of it. 

53% are saying that the health threat is most important, while 40% are saying the economic threat is most important. This is a notable change from earlier in the year, when a survey in June showed more folks were worried about the economic effects. The current sentiments could be due to recent reports of a coronavirus revival in certain states. Also, health issues are more easily or readily visible than economic ones, especially if a voter has a COVID patient close to home.

Scott Rasmussen explains what Americans are currently feeling, and how it could affect future politics, in his new Number of the Day podcast.

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