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Rand Paul: Biden should take his mask off and burn it on national TV

Biden should say "I've had the vaccine, I am now safe from this plague. If you get the vaccine, you can be safe too."

Published: April 22, 2021 12:03pm

Updated: April 22, 2021 2:54pm

GOP Sen. Rand Paul thinks the Biden administration's messaging on COVID-19 vaccines is full of "fear-mongering" and is urging vaccinated President Biden to take off his mask and burn it on TV.

Paul, an ophthalmologist, also continued to criticize Dr. Anthony Fauci, part of he Biden administration COVID team, whom he said is spreading disinformation.

"Science is about proving things are happening," Paul said Wednesday on Fox News. "If Dr. Fauci can prove that people who are vaccinated are spreading the disease, I will listen to him. If he can prove that people like me who have already had it are spreading the disease, I'll listen to him. But there is no evidence of that."

While millions of Americans have been vaccinated against COVID-19, Paul said there's one way Biden could persuade more to get the shots.

"Biden should go on national TV, take his mask off, and burn it," the Kentucky senator said. "Light a torch to it, and burn his mask and say, 'I've had the vaccine, I am now safe from this plague. If you get the vaccine, you can be safe too.' The burden of proof should be on the government to prove that we're spreading it and we will listen to them, but instead it sounds sort of like fear-mongering."

Paul has repeatedly targeted Fauci. Last month, he got into a heated exchange with the nation's top immunologist at a Senate hearing during which Paul asserted to Fauci: "You’ve had the vaccine and you’re wearing two masks. Isn’t that theater? ... Given that no scientific studies have shown significant numbers of reinfections of patients previously infected or previously vaccinated, what specific studies do you cite to argue the public should be wearing masks well into 2022?"

Fauci replied: "I'm not sure I understand the connection of what you’re saying about masks and reinfection. We’re talking about people who have never been infected before."

“You’re telling everybody to wear a mask whether they’ve had an infection or a vaccine,” Paul fired. “What I’m saying is they have immunity and everybody agrees they have immunity. What studies do you have that people that’ve had the vaccine or had the infection are spreading the infection? If we’re not spreading the infection, isn’t it just theater?”

"No, it’s not," Fauci insisted.

Paul reiterated, "You've had the vaccine and you're wearing two masks. Isn't that theater?"

“Here we go again with the ‘theater,’” Fauci replied sharply. “Let’s get down to the facts. OK. The studies that you quote ... look at in vitro examination of memory immunity, which in their paper they specifically say, 'This does not necessarily pertain to the actual protection. It’s in vitro.' "


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