Rep. Ralph Norman: Biden admin 'sold out' on Iran deal

"[T[his is such a dangerous time with a feckless administration"

Updated: August 3, 2022 - 8:00pm

Republican South Carolina Rep. Ralph Norman on Wednesday said the Biden administration had "set a low bar with corruption" and that the government had "sold out" in its efforts to secure a nuclear deal with Iran.

Appearing on the "Just the News, Not Noise" television show, Norman told cohosts John Solomon and Amanda Head that the Department of Homeland Security was attempting to conceal damaging information from watchdogs and the public.

"The DHS under [Alejandro] Mayorkas sent a minute memo out, asking the Border Patrol agents to withhold information from the Office of Inspector General," he began. "All the time, we've seen the highest numbers ever, of illegal immigrants in April and May. 200,000 in June. They don't want this information out."

"[F]or Mayorkas to promote this is sad, and we can't, you can't tolerate it," Norman asserted. "That's why the letter went out. And we're gonna stay on this until they answer but he's never answered before. So, we'll see what he does now."

The Republican then pivoted to discuss the administration's pursuit of a renewed nuclear agreement with the Iranian government, lamenting the generous terms Biden appears poised to offer Tehran.

"Well, you know, they've sold out. I mean, there's no other way to consider what they've done with Iran, basically give them uranium giving them nukes to fight this country and other countries that represent freedom," he said. "And [the] Democratic Party, you don't hear anything out of any criticism coming from any of them."

"[T[his is such a dangerous time with a feckless administration, who is begging foreign countries not only to sell us oil, but giving Iran a seat at the table with negotiations. For us, and along with Russia, it makes no sense. And just shows you how off base and how un-American this administration is," Norman asserted.

He went on to address the results of the Tuesday evening primary elections, pointing to the defeat of Michigan Republican Rep. Peter Meijer as evidence of former President Donald Trump's continued influence in the party.

"The Meijer defeat was was pretty big. And I think you'll see a string of them. It's a, you know, people saw the results under Donald Trump. People saw that he loved the country, the economy was doing well," he insisted. "He put priorities in place, the military was strong. Countries would never do [that] to Donald Trump, what they're doing to Joe Biden now because they see him as a weak, ineffective leader.

"And so the Trump endorsement is huge. And it was in South Carolina, I know it will be all over the country, you don't have a 97% success rate for no reason people see through it. They've dismissed the mainstream media because they're not really to be honest with you not relevant anymore. So Donald Trump's brand is alive and well today," he concluded.