'Submerge voters' are the voters who are going to flip the country red, prominent pollster says

A group of voters who aren't being polled may be the Republicans' ticket to taking the House back.

Updated: November 7, 2022 - 9:33pm

Prominent Trafalgar Group pollster Robert Cahaly says that there is a group of people not being polled who will inevitably vote for Republican candidates. 

"I think there's a segment of Republicans since Biden's speech that are what I call submerged voters that are not showing up on anybody's polling," Cahaly said on Monday's "Just the News, No Noise" TV show. 

"These people aren't taking polls at all because they are convinced that the Biden administration has criminalized political thought and political behavior," Cahaly later said. "They're very worried that these polls will serve as a de facto list of MAGA Republicans, and they don't want anyone to know. They don't want to be canceled. They don't want to be investigated. They don't want to be audited."

While Cahaly says he's not sure of how many of these "submerged voters" there are, he thinks there will be enough who will vote Republican and take back Congress. 

"I don't know how many of these voters there are because again, I can't pull these up if they will not take polls," Cahaly explained. "I've estimated it could be as many as half a point to all the way to five points."

Cahaly says that if the submerged voters flock to the polls, as he predicts, the House and the Senate will be taken back by Republicans. 

"If that group of submerged voters is as big as I think it could be, you could be talking north of 30," Cahaly stated. For the Senate, I think we're going to naturally win two seats. And again, if that wave is as big as we think it could be, I think you could be talking 55. But I think two is what I'd say we're gonna get and anything else is just going to be a little bigger than that. It just depends."

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