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Project Veritas releases tape in which Ashley Biden appears to claim ownership of infamous diary

"I am Ashley Biden. It is my stuff," she states on the call.

Published: July 31, 2023 8:35pm

Investigative news outlet Project Veritas on Monday released an audio recording in which Ashley Biden appears to confirm her ownership and the authenticity of a diary that fell into the outlet's possession.

Veritas first obtained the diary after tipsters called the outlet, claiming they obtained the diary and other materials that the president's daughter left in a room. They also claimed that the diary contained damaging allegations on the then-presidential candidate.

While the outlet maintains that it obtained the diary through legal means and ultimately opted against publishing its contents, the Department of Justice investigated the matter on claims the diary was stolen and subsequently raided the homes of three Veritas journalists.

The audio recordings, previously unreleased, include the original voicemail that the tipster left to Veritas as well as the conversation the outlet had with Ashley Biden.

"So I heard you have a few of my belongings," Biden says to the Veritas journalist in the phone call on Oct. 8, 2020.

"There's a diary here..." the journalist states. Biden then directs them to hand over the materials to one "Eric" and subsequently indicates a preference for not involving Secret Service in the matter.

"I am Ashley Biden. It is my stuff," she states on the call. Biden also confirms her ownership of a bag with luggage tags.

The outlet eventually returned the diary and the first daughter's other belongings to local law enforcement in Florida.

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