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Texas GOP Gov Greg Abbott opens CPAC Texas saying state 'moves at the speed of business'

Greg Abbott discusses why people are ditching California and moving to Texas

August 4, 2022 2:25pm

Updated: August 4, 2022 3:59pm

CPAC 2022 kicks off in Dallas with the Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott making his case again about why his state is the place to be for businesses – and residents – looking for economic prosperity.

His remarks helped start the three-day event, in which former President Trump will speak, and inevitable turned to businesses and residents coming to Texas from California and other high-tax states.

"We have an exchange program. We send them our liberals, and we get their conservatives," Abbott said jokingly when asked about the matter by Matt Schlapp and wife Mercedes Schlapp, of American Conservative Union, which is hosting the event.

Their discussion also included talk about California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who is increasingly being considered a potential, top 2024 Democratic presidential candidate and who in recent ads is taking aim a conservative-lean Texas and Florida, top destinations for Americans looking for a home with lower taxes and less government restrictions.

"He’s just pissed off that all of his businesses are moving to Texas," Abbott said.

Abbott has also won praise – and attracted criticism – for recently sending migrants to Washington, D.C., to provide some relief from the economic hardship his southern U.S. border state has faced as a result of the record number of migrants crossing in from Mexico.

He said Thursday that he'll continue to send illegal migrants to the nation's capital, in what also appears to an attempt by him to make the point that immigration at the border is a national concern.

“There are more buses going to D.C. as we gather here in Texas today," Abbott said. He then told CPAC audience members they could help pay for the transportation of illegal migrants if the go to a website to get more information.

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