Today: Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-T.X.) Questions Whether COVID Was Actually a Bioweapon Made on Purpose

In the June 3, 2021 Episode 102 of Season 2 of The Water Cooler with David Brody:

Segment #1: Former Trump Physician Ronny Jackson questions whether COVID was actually a bioweapon made on purpose. "We could find out later on that this was part of a bio weapons program..." 

Segment #2: Candidate for U.S. Senate (R-O.H.) Josh Mandel talks to David Brody about his ask to Ohio Governor Mike DeWine for the removal of the 1619 Project Curriculum as a resource on the Ohio Department of Education website.

Segment #3: Founder of Peaceably Gather, Pastor Brian Gibson, talks with David Brody about Transgender kids regretting their transition decision. 

Segment #4: David Brody revisits an interview with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-S.C.) back from June 2016.

Segment #5: The Last Sip: Dr. Fauci in a nutshell.

Segment #6: Joe Weber, News Editor delivers the latest headlines on the Just the News website.