The Water Cooler with David Brody

Today: Senator Rand Paul (R-K.Y.) on suspicious package sent to his home

In the May 25, 2021 Episode 96 of Season 2 of The Water Cooler with David Brody:

Segment #1: Senator Rand Paul (R-K.Y.) talks to David Brody about the suspicious package he received in the mail. 

Segment #2: President of America First Legal, Stephen Miller says the Biden Administration committing acts of racial discrimination. AFL is suing over race preferences within COVID-19 relief funds.

Segment #3: Real America's Voice Correspondent, Heather Mullins, talks to David Brody about the Mysterious Folded Ballots in New Hampshire.

Segment #4: Thomas Renz, Attorney with America's Frontline Doctors, on COVID Lawsuit Against the Biden Administration.

Segment #5: The Last Sip: David Brody Pays Respect’s to the One Year Anniversary of George Floyd's Death. 

Segment #6: Anna Perez, RAV Correspondent: Governor Cuomo's Covid Mandatory Vaccine Plan for Students.


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