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Former National Security Advisor John Bolton says US should put troops in Taiwan

Bolton said that the United States has to come up with a long-term solution for Taiwan in case of an attack from China

Published: April 11, 2023 4:40pm

Updated: April 11, 2023 4:46pm

Former Trump administration National Security Advisor John Bolton says that it would be a good idea to have troops on the ground in Taiwan due to China's increasing threats against the island.

"I think putting Americans on the ground would make sense along with other allies such as Japan, Australia," Bolton said on the "John Solomon Reports" podcast. "I think we've got to consider home porting some American naval vessels there."

China sent fighter jets toward Taiwan just days after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy met with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen. 

Taiwan's Ministry of Defense reported that China sent eight warships and 42 planes, including 29 of which flew into Taiwan's half of the Strait of Taiwan, which separates it from the mainland. Rumors of an attack on Taiwan from China have been circulating since the Russian attack on Ukraine last year.

According to Bolton, the United States has to have a long-term policy solution for Taiwan. 

"We also need to think long term to embed Taiwan in collective self-defense organizations with Japan, South Korea, Australia, and others," he stated.

He also accused French President Emmanuel Macron of undermining efforts to help Taiwan after his recent visit to China. 

"French President Macron just returning from China essentially threw Taiwan under the bus saying, 'well we don't want Europe to be led around and get involved in the American problem.' I just think that's the kind of behavior that really just causes so much harm to our effort to deter China."

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