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Jordan Peterson says he will attempt to broadcast required social media training

“I’m going to do everything I can to make all of this as public as I possibly can,” Peterson said.

Published: September 1, 2023 4:50pm

Clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson said he would attempt to broadcast the social media training he was ordered to undergo by the College of Psychologists of Ontario due to his criticism of transgender ideology and the Canadian government. 

Peterson said during a Fox News interview that he hopes to be able to record audio or film sessions of the required social media training.

“I’m going to do everything I can to make all of this as public as I possibly can,” he said during the interview. “I have done that from the beginning. I released all the documents that included the charges, so to speak, that the college has levied against me. I want to make this 100% transparent and let the public decide for themselves who exactly is acting, let’s say, in an unprofessional capacity.”

“My plan is to make everything that’s done to me public and if I can do that by filming, well, then, I’ll do that,” he added. “Everything that happens is going to be made public. It is absolutely necessary.” 

The training was mandated by a psychologist governing body in 2022 after complaints were made regarding Peterson's use of social media, which was viewed as misconduct by the group. 

Peterson argued that he was allowed to post whatever he wanted on social media and filed a judicial review. 

Three Divisional Court judges ruled last week that the organization was allowed to make the demand of Peterson. 

"The order is not disciplinary and does not prevent Dr. Peterson from expressing himself on controversial topics; it has a minimal impact on his right to freedom of expression," Justice Paul Schabas wrote.

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