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Biden orders 3,000 U.S. troops to Europe to support allies in Russia-Ukraine conflict

U.S. soldiers will head to Poland, Germany, Romania.

Published: February 2, 2022 9:00am

Updated: February 2, 2022 9:31am

President Biden has ordered the Pentagon to send over 3,000 U.S. troops to assist in the defense of European allies amid the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. 

Roughly 2,000 of those deployed will come from Fort Bragg, in North Carolina, and will head to Poland and Germany. An additional 1,000 troops based in Germany will go to Romania to bolster NATO's eastern flank.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has in the past weeks and months sent thousands of troops to his country's border with Ukraine in a show of force in opposition to Ukraine's attempts to join the Western-aligned North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO. 

All sides continue diplomatic talks amid concerns of a Russian invasion or other intrusion into Ukraine.

The Pentagon had ordered several thousand more troops to be on standby to deploy, signaling that the agency plans to execute other movements inside Europe. About 8,500 troops were given the same order last week.

As countries try to avoid war in the region, the Biden administration is also readying a sanctions against Russia, should Putin attack.

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