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National security expert says Hungarians see a lot of socialist tactics coming out of America

Bradley-Farrell explained that the culture in Hungary is very conservative in general and has rejected woke ideologies from other countries. 

Published: December 11, 2023 11:00pm

Foreign policy and national security consultant Dr. Shea Bradley-Farrell says that her new book is a warning to America from Hungary about how to prevent socialism from spreading. 

“The book is mainly a warning to Americans because when I started going to Hungary, I had Hungarians tell me that the stuff coming out of America reminded them of the Soviet era," Bradley-Farrell said in an interview with Just the News. "Lots of similarities with progressivism."

Bradley-Farrell is the current president of Counterpoint Institute for Policy, Research and Education and during the Trump administration, she worked directly with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Senior Advisor Ivanka Trump on foreign policy issues. 

Her book titled "Last Warning to the West" discusses how even though the West defeated the Russians during the Cold War, they did not win the war on ideology. The book goes into detail explaining how leftist ideology took over the media, government and institutions in the U.S. which is why ideas like socialism and communion are touted as good ideas. 

The book was released on Dec. 7 and the forward was written by GOP Arizona Senate candidate Kari Lake.

"Recently on a trip to Budapest, I was startled by the number of Hungarians who told me (with confused looks on their faces) that the rhetoric currently coming out of the United States reminds them of their own 'Soviet days,'" a quote from the book reads, according to The Washington Examiner.

"We should pay attention—our government, corporations, and our media and political elites find it way too easy to oppress freedom of thought and speech, to ‘cancel’ those who disagree with their ideological or political agenda, and to use regular deception, ‘lawfare’ and audacious lies to take away people’s livelihoods and reputation," the quote continues. 

Hungary Prime Minister Viktor Orban is a conservative official who has not had a great relationship with the Biden administration. 

At the beginning of 2023, Biden excluded Hungary from his annual “Summit for Democracy,” which has a guest list of 120 countries. He has also called the government "totalitarian" in the past. 

Hungary and other countries such as Poland, do not recognize same-sex marriage and have laws restricting adoption by LGBT+ residents.

Miklos Szantho, director of the Centre for Fundamental Rights in Hungary and the founder of the conservative group CPAC Hungary, agreed Hungarians are perplexed by the liberal rhetoric and policies emanating from America under Biden.

"We do feel that this whole vote propaganda with the cancel culture, the safe spaces, and the trigger warnings is coming from the leftist democratic political side of the U.S. And accidentally now they are in the White House," Szantho told the "Just the News, No Noise" television show.

"And we do feel on the bilateral level that the Biden administration is hostile towards the Hungarian because of the reasons I mentioned to you. But we all still know that there is a different America, there is the America of the people, of common sense, of sane people and the America, the United States of the Republicans and of Donald Trump," he added.

Bradley-Farrell explained the culture in Hungary is very conservative in general and has rejected woke ideologies from other countries. 

She also explained that Hungary had a lot of pro-family policies to encourage people to have children and raise them affordably. Women in Hungary who have four or more children don't have to pay taxes

"The divorce rate in Hungary is the lowest in the EU," Bradley-Farrell said. "It cut abortions in half. These subsidies were implemented. People feel like they can afford to get married if they have kids."

When asked what she wants readers to take away from her book, she said she wanted people to "start recognizing that progressivism is rooted in Marxism and that it is ultimately designed to destroy our societies and take away our freedom."


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