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Israel warns Iran is weeks away from enough fissile material for nuclear bomb

Iran has not been submitting to inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency, tasked with ensuring United Nations compliance.

Published: May 17, 2022 10:37pm

Updated: May 18, 2022 12:11am


Iran is just weeks from having enough fissile material to power a nuclear bomb, while simultaneously completing the deployment of 1000 new centrifuges which will allow the regime to enrich its own uranium at an increasing pace, Israeli Defense Minister Benjamin Gantz is warning.

The news Tuesday came as nuclear talks between Iran and world power, fueled by the United States and European Union have experienced an awkward pause as it appears the two sides are having trouble compromising. 

“Iran continues to accumulate irreversible knowledge and experience in the development, research, production, and operation of advanced centrifuges,” Gantz said.

The centrifuges are to be used at a new underground facility in Natanz, around 200 miles south of Tehran, he said.

Iran has not been submitting to inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency, tasked with ensuring United Nations compliance with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action to prevent nuclear weapon development, Gantz said in a series of tweets.

Meanwhile, Iranian protesters are pouring out onto the streets in dozens of Iranian cities throughout the country for almost a week in what began as grievances over inflation and subsidy cuts and now has turned into a full-fledged political movement.

Iranian protesters are chanting “Death to Supreme Leader Khamenei!” And “Death to President Raisi!”

There is very little global attention, however, on the current political protests in Iran, mostly because world powers are focused on cutting a deal with Tehran and believe that publicly supporting a movement that is calling for the removal of the current government may be a deterrent for Iran’s regime. 

Last month, Behrouz Kamalvandi, Iran’s nuclear program spokesman, said

the IAEA’s oversight camera feed from the Natanz site will be blocked if a new nuclear deal is not made.

The Iran regime in February had attempted to drop two drones by parachute into regions near Israel to supply terrorist organizations that attack Israel, Gantz added in a tweet. He said that the delivery had been intercepted.

The Israel Defense Forces are planning their largest ever military drill for the end of this month into June to practice a response should there be an attack from Iran. It will involve active and reserve IDF soldiers in the ground, navy, and air forces, and include simulated airstrikes on targets inside of Iran.

Defense Minister Gantz is set to visit the U.S. this week and meet with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Thursday.

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