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'Genocide Joe:' Pro-Palestinian protestors vandalize buildings in Los Angeles during Biden visit

Pro-Palestinian protesters spray-painted businesses, churches and apartment buildings in Los Angeles.

Published: December 9, 2023 11:38pm

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators spray-painted prominent buildings, businesses, churches and apartment buildings in Los Angeles as they protested President Joe Biden’s visit to a nearby home for a fundraiser.

The protests Friday were focused on the Westwood neighborhood and included people wearing keffieyhs, carrying Palestinian flags and holdings signs calling Jews “baby killers” and referring to Biden as “Genocide Joe."

The president participated in an event Friday evening in Westwood for donors – including prominent Hollywood actors – who are supporting his reelection, according to the LA Times.

The Foreign Desk did a drive through Westwood’s Wilshire Corridor observing the vandalism and spray-painted messages Saturday morning. Some buildings have already begun repainting or at the very least temporarily covering the graffitied messages such as “Intifada,” “Genocide,” profanities against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Biden, and swastikas.

Westwood Presbyterian Church was also heavily tagged with graffitied messages on the different sides of the building.