Taliban say Afghans will no longer be allowed to get to the Kabul airport

'We are asking the American please change your policy and don't encourage Afghans to leave,' said a Taliban spokesperson

Updated: August 24, 2021 - 11:51am

In Afghanistan, the Taliban are still allowing foreign nationals to leave via the Kabul international airport, but on Tuesday, the militant group decided to stop letting Afghans board American planes to leave as well.

"We are asking the American please change your policy and don't encourage Afghans to leave," said Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid. "They can take all the people that belong to them," he said, referring to Americans. But, the Taliban have decided they need Afghan nationals to stay and help rebuild the country. 

Thousands of Afghans continue to flock to the Kabul airport in an attempt to flee the newly Taliban-controlled nation. Many Afghans, especially those with any ties to western allied forces, will be in significant danger should they remain in Afghanistan. 

The news that the Taliban will be barring even more Afghans from attempting to leave the country breaks alongside President Biden's decision to move forward with the August 31st withdrawal deadline for U.S. troops. The president, who met with G-7 leaders this morning to discuss the strategic options in front of him, has been under pressure to extend the withdrawal, as thousands of Americans are still stranded in Afghanistan and European nations have said that their evacuation missions will not be possible if the American military does retain control of the airport.

Biden is set to address the public later today.

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