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Washington Post columnist deletes post claiming presidential foundations' letter was aimed at Trump

The columnist noted that Trump didn't sign the letter with the other presidential foundations. However, Trump doesn't have a presidential foundation.

Published: September 8, 2023 5:43pm

Washington Post columnist Philip Bump deleted a post on X, the platform formerly called Twitter, that claimed a letter from nearly all presidential foundations about uniting around democracy and an ad from President Joe Biden were indirectly targeting former President Donald Trump.

On Thursday, Bump posted on X, writing, "Fourteen presidents indirectly called out Trump's threat to democracy today. Thirteen former presidents signed a letter. The current one released an ad."

Bump also shared his article in the X post, titled, "Biden’s semi-subtle reminder of the stakes for democracy in 2024." His analysis was that Republicans such as former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, and Trump have all been divisive in their rhetoric, particularly regarding elections and the indictments of the 45th president.

The article claimed that President Biden was indirectly attacking Trump on Thursday in an ad claiming the current president is defending democracy. Bump also noted that more than a dozen presidential foundations signed a letter released Thursday that called for unity around democracy. He added that Trump wasn't one of the signatories of the letter.

Trump doesn't currently have a presidential foundation, which the organizer of the letter, David Kramer of the Bush Institute, explained to the Washington Post in another story on the letter.  Only one presidential foundation, the Eisenhower Foundation, chose not to sign the letter. The foundation explained that it had declined an invitation to sign the letter as there hadn't been a discussion regarding it.

The original post is no longer on X, but Bump reshared his article a few hours after the first post was published, captioning the post, "From the president to a dozen presidential libraries, new warnings today about the threat posed to democracy."

Just the News reached out to Bump but he did not provide an on-the-record comment.

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