Whoopi Goldberg rejoins co-hosts of ABC's 'The View,' following suspension over Holocaust comments

"Sometimes we don't do this as eloquently as we could," Goldberg said as she returned to her hosting position.

Updated: February 15, 2022 - 10:11am

Whoopi Goldberg returned this week to her seat on ABC's "The View," following a two-week suspension for comments she had made about the Holocaust.

Goldberg and her colleagues were on Jan. 31 discussed a Tennessee school board's decision to ban the Pulitzer Prize-winning book "Maus," which depicts the story of the author's Jewish parents during the Holocaust,

Goldberg said she believed the Holocaust "isn't about race." She apologized for her comments but was nevertheless suspended amid public backlash.

ABC News President Kim Godwin made the decision to suspend Goldberg, saying her comments were "wrong and hurtful." 

Goldberg's co-hosts said they had missed her during her absence, and though she did not directly address the controversy, the 66-year-old entertainer-comedian told her audience that they are "going to keep having tough conversations."

"I listened to everything everybody had to say and I was very grateful," she said. "I hope it keeps all the important conversations happening because we're going to keep having tough conversations. ... It's not always pretty as I said and it's not always what other people would like to hear, but it is an honor to sit at the table and be able to have these conversations because they're important."