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Virginia Rep. calls out Biden administration for ignoring budget deadline for third year in a row

Biden is not expected to present a presidential budget until March.

Published: January 30, 2023 5:31pm

Updated: January 30, 2023 9:17pm

Virginia GOP Rep. and new Chairman of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Responsiveness and Accountability to Oversight, Ben Cline, sent a letter to Joe Biden in which he demanded answers on whether Biden will miss the budget deadline for the third year in a row. 

"It's fiscal mismanagement continued," Rep. Cline said on the Monday edition of the "Just the News, No Noise" TV show. "Finally we have accountability coming in the form of a Republican majority in the House of Representatives. The Budget Committee on which I serve is going to be putting out a budget resolution."

The Republican Study Committee has been pressing President Biden for answers on whether or not his administration will submit a presidential budget to Congress by the Feb. 6 deadline.

The Washington Times reports that the president is not expected to present a budget until March.

"The American people have spoken and made it abundantly clear that the United States must no longer be governed in a state of crisis or brinkmanship," Cline's letter reads. "They expect their duly elected leaders to take the initiative to ensure that the vital functions of government are managed responsibly and in a timely manner."

According to Cline, the government can't continue to treat the debt problem like a teenager abusing a credit card. 

"We really do have to get a handle on wasteful spending," Cline stated. "If you have a kid who is abusing the credit card, you don't respond by paying off the credit card and then increasing the spending limit. You say, 'Hey, we're gonna go ahead and pay off the credit card, but then we're going to put some structures in place that are going to limit your spending moving forward, and have you behave more responsibly.'"

"Those are the rules that we need for the Congress and for the administration going forward," Cline concluded. 

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