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Marjorie Taylor Greene rips Dems for 'incredibly hostile work environment' at 'dangerous' Capitol

Greene has had three security incidents near her office that required Capitol Police investigation, plus numerous death threats.

Published: July 21, 2022 5:40pm

Updated: July 22, 2022 11:54am

After three recent police episodes involving her congressional office, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) says she believes liberals have created "an incredibly hostile work environment" for her inside the Capitol complex.

"It's a dangerous place to work," Greene told the "Just the News, Not Noise" television show on Thursday, one day after a new episode came to light in which one of her posters was ripped down outside her congressional office and thrown in the garbage at the reported instruction of a House Democrat chairwoman.

Greene said all three police episodes involve liberals or Democrats who objected to posters outside her House Longworth Building congressional office that expressed her Christian-based belief that there are only two genders — male and female.

"They're creating an incredibly hostile work environment," Greene said, invoking the language of federal labor law and the political #MeToo movement. "They're creating a workplace environment for me, and they have the entire time, where I don't feel safe. I'm threatened based on my gender, that I'm a woman, and they're attacking my religion, my Christianity, my faith. And those are all protected things. And at the same time, no one is held accountable."

The problems began several months ago when a poster Greene put up outside her office declaring there were only two genders was defaced seven times, often with stickers with religious sayings posted over the world "female" on the placards.

Capitol Police eventually placed surveillance cameras in the area, and in March officers caught the alleged perpetrator: Timothy Hysom, the chief of staff to Democratic Rep. Jake Auchincloss of Massachusetts. Police requested an arrest warrant for Hysom, but the U.S. Attorney's office in Washington D.C. declined in May, according to police records and interviews. Greene has filed a complaint against Hysom with the House Ethics Committee.

Last month, nine members of a television production crew for CBS comic Stephen Colbert were caught trespassing in the Longworth building late at night. At the time of their arrest on charges of unlawful entry, the crew members were filming skits poking fun at congressional Republicans in the vicinity of Greene's office.

Police video footage showed the team appearing to try to hang a poster outside the Georgia Republican's door while another films with his phone. Capitol Police say the nine Colbert staffers were warned repeatedly against trespassing before being arrested. Again, the U.S. Attorney's office declined prosecution, a decision that Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger criticized as "unfortunate." 

You can watch the "Colbert 9" footage here:

This week, Greene's office required police intervention again when a poster was ripped down outside her office and discarded in a men's bathroom. The poster displayed information about the Capitol Police's request for an arrest warrant for Hysom over the earlier defacing of posters.


Greene posted a video on Instagram showing that it was ripped down this week. 

According to a Republican aide on the House Administration Committee, Democrat Committee Chairwoman Zoe Lofgren's staff ordered the removal of Greene's poster showing Hysom's photo. Lofgren did not return a call seeking comment on Thursday.

Greene said police have been gracious in addressing all three episodes, which she said are a microcosm of elitist disdain for everyday American and Christian beliefs.

"This is how the Democrats view regular Americans, Christians who share, and hold these beliefs," she said. "And this is the same way they would treat them, the way they're treating me. And it's absolutely appalling. And it's a dangerous place to work."

Hysom did not return a request for comment, but Auchincloss' spokesperson sent Just the News a statement confirming the defacing had occurred but insisting that treating it as a crime was "ridiculous." The spokesman said Hysom considered Greene's posters to contain "mean-spirited" and "bullying" messages so he affixed stickers with his own opinions on them.

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