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Rep. Jordan files letter to Microsoft's president over company's alleged bias against conservatives

Jordan alleged Microsoft through LinkedIn censored posts about Hunter Biden, the Wuhan lab, and more.

Updated: June 21, 2021 - 3:36pm

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Ohio GOP Rep. Jim Jordan is pressing Microsoft's President Brad Smith for information about the company's alleged bias toward conservatives. 

Jordan made his concerns clear in a letter Monday to Smith in which he said: "Big Tech, including Microsoft, Inc., is out to get conservatives."

Jordan's letter comes as the House Judiciary Committee prepares to discuss on Wednesday a series of bills regarding anti-trust laws that take aim at Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. 

The legislation would make it harder for tech companies to complete mergers, according to CNBC News.

Jordan, the committee's top Republican, says in the letter that multiple LinkedIn users alleged that the company, which Microsoft owns, has censored posts related to stories about a laptop belonging to President Biden's son Hunter Biden, including ones by the conservative-leaning Washington Times newspaper, and has restricted accounts related to COVID-19 and the origin of the virus.

He also argued that Microsoft has been "exerting editorial control over user-generated content in its word processing program, Microsoft Word." Jordan says that its processing program "urges users to avoid language that Microsoft dislikes and instead to adopt language Microsoft considers to be appropriate," such as "gender-neutral" language.

Jordan asked for Smith and Microsoft to "provide an accounting of all content moderation decisions" and whether the new anti-trust legislation would apply to the company.

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