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Rep. Scott: House Democrats are empowering small group of conservatives, leading to shutdown

"The continuing resolution is a 30 day piece of legislation that I will admit is not perfect, but it is better than a shutdown," he says

Published: September 29, 2023 2:21pm

Updated: September 29, 2023 2:27pm

Rep. Austin Scott (R-Ga.) argued on Friday that House Democrats are empowering conservatives by casting votes that are leading the nation to a government shutdown.

"I've heard the left talk about the chaos caucus that we have, candidly, as Republicans, and what gives them the power? Well, it only takes five of them to create a disruption and how do five get the power, the five in our party, get the power? Because the 212 of you on the Democratic side are going to vote with them to shut down the government," Scott said on the House floor ahead of the vote on a 30-day temporary funding bill that reduces current spending levels and includes funding for border security measures.

"Now, the continuing resolution is a 30-day piece of legislation that I will admit is not perfect, but it is better than a shutdown or the chaos that comes with the shutdown and the idea that we as Republicans and American citizens have to eat a $2 trillion deficit or else you're going to shut down the government is absolutely ridiculous. We're not at war. We're not in a recession. And we're in no health emergency. Show a little responsibility," he added.

Scott also pushed back on Democrats saying school teachers won't be paid during the shutdown.

"My sister is one of them and she gets her check from the county in case you didn't know it. And it kind of bothers me that you seem to think that they get the check from the federal government," he said. "They actually get paid by the county as do our sheriff's deputies," he said.

The 30-day temporary spending bill failed to pass the House. In total, 198 House Republicans voted for the measure, which did not get a single House Democrat yes vote. There were 21 conservative Republicans who joined Democrats and voted against it.