Fired WSJ reporter alleges law firm behind plot to 'de-platform' him for critical coverage of client

Solomon alleges the global law firm Dechert LLP was at the center of a operation.

Updated: October 28, 2022 - 8:15am

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A fired Wall Street Journal reporter is suing a law firm for what he alleges was a criminal campaign by a foreign emirate's U.S. law firm to hires hackers from India to uncover his correspondence.

The journalist, Jay Solomon, was the newspaper's chief foreign correspondent until 2017 when the Associated Press reported on his alleged discussions of business deals with one of his top sources and his was dismissed, according to Politico. 

Solomon in his 94-page-complaint alleges the global law firm Dechert LLP, based in Washington, D.C., was at the center of the operation that obtained emails between him and the source, an Iranian-born businessman and and alleged sometime arms transporter Farhad Azima. Dechert is one of 11 individuals or entities against which the complaint is filed.

Azima filed his own suit two weeks ago against the firm in a New York City court with the same allegation.

The emails were allegedly pitched to news operations – in an ultimately successful attempt to get one to write about the correspondence and and "de-platform" Solomon, which would end his reporting that was critical of one of Dechert’s client.

A Dechert spokesperson told Politico “the claim against the firm is denied and will be defended." The news outlets' requests for comment from the emirate, via the United Arab Emirates embassy in Washington and the RAK press office, were not returned.

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