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Kari Lake files notice of appeal in election challenge

Lake lost the gubernatorial contest in 2022 to Democratic opponent Katie Hobbs.

Published: June 2, 2023 6:34pm

Former Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake announced this week that her legal team had filed a notice of appeal, beginning the first steps toward challenging her defeat in a suit against Maricopa County and Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs.

Lake made the remarks to Real America's Voice host Ben Bergquam before her appearance at the "Defend America Rally" on Wednesday, saying "our attorneys just filed a notice for appeal because of what we've discovered with the system log files, which show that they did secretive testing on three different dates and we now have the video to back that up. And that was not available to us because Maricopa County, the people who committed the crime against the people, held that information from us."

"I will never back down. That election was stolen from the people," she added. "We the People showed up to cast our sacred vote, and until we get our government back, I’m not going to stop fighting. I don’t care what they say."

Lake lost the gubernatorial contest in 2022 to Democratic opponent Katie Hobbs. The result was something of an upset given that polling data had consistently shown lake with a 3-4 point lead.

She has since claimed that the election was stolen from her and filed myriad challenges to the results, focusing in particular on electoral irregularities and machine malfunctions in Maricopa County. Lake's legal battles thus far, however, have not born fruit in the form of overturning the election.

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