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LA sheriff: Machete wielding homeless man in Malibu previously pulled knife on deputy, was released

Father who was attacked had cuts across his face, ears and tongue and reportedly lost an eye. 

Updated: September 3, 2021 - 4:42pm

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Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueava says the homeless person who this past weekend "slashed a father" in Malibu with a machete is the same person who recently threatened a sheriff deputy – only to be released on a misdemeanor charge.

The most recent incident occurred Sunday on Dan Blocker Beach in Malibu, when the father and his family were approached by two males, both believed to be homeless, according to Fox 11 in Los Angeles.

One of the suspects, identified as Richard Franck, took out a machete and began slashing the dad multiple times.

The other four family members were chased by Franck and the other person, said the sheriff's department, according to the Fox TV station.

Both men were reportedly charged with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon.

The father had cuts across his face, ears and tongue and reportedly lost an eye. 

Villanueava held a meeting Thursday night to discuss public safety concerns in Malibu related to the homeless problem that exists throughout California.

Before the meeting, Villanueava tweeted that one of the suspects, a 32-year-old homeless male, threatened a sheriff on April 24 only to be released "and the District Attorney only filed a misdemeanor charge." 

He said in a second tweet: "On 08/29/21, the same suspect in the same area terrorized a family with a machete. He slashed a father of two multiple times and left him to bleed out."

At a recent community meeting Villanueava told residents, "We cannot afford LA County to house a nation's homeless."

He singled out the Los Angeles County District Attorney, George Gascón, and other elected officials, including the County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors, for having responsibility for the homeless crisis.

"The county right now spends almost 1 billion a year on the homeless, only to see it grow and grow and grow. For how long are we going to tolerate incompetence, irresponsibility and just ignoring the plight of residents throughout the county," he said.

"There are consequences to reducing penalties for crimes, particularly serious crimes, violent crimes, crimes involving weapons, and the consequences are being born right now by the public. All because our da doesn't want to do his job."

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