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Podcast host claims break-in at property, gunfire at his home after Kanye West interview

In a much later post, Pool indicated that his kitchen had sustained gunfire.

Published: December 5, 2022 3:57pm

Updated: December 5, 2022 9:48pm

Podcast host Tim Pool on Monday posted a series of tweets alleging that individuals had broken into one of his properties and that his kitchen had sustained gunfire, barely one week after Rap mogul Kanye West stormed out of an interview on his show.

"[J]ust got word that a crew broke into one of our properties," Pool wrote on Twitter. They are lucky to be alive... After nearly being struck by a 9mm they panicked and dropped their belongings and fled the property... Please stay the fuck away from my buildings."

"This is WV and you will get hurt," he continued, before noting that "no one got hurt" and "police are on scene now."

In a much later post, Pool indicated that his kitchen had sustained gunfire.

It remains unclear whether said kitchen was in the same property mentioned above and Pool himself does not appear to have been present at the time the 9mm firearm was discharged. His series of tweets depict a scenario in which an individual other than himself opened fire on a group of intruders. 

He also observed that West Virginia has permissive gun laws and that any would-be illegal entrants would have to be insane to try to force entry into the home of an armed individual.

"[I] mean just holy shit you have to be insane to break into a WV house not only do we have guns we have like really big ones could you image breaking into a house and theres some right wing nut job with a Barrett M81A pointed at you yelling yeehaw?" he asked.

The incident at the podcast host's property follows an interview conducted last week with rapper Kanye West, known now as "Ye," alongside far-right activist Nick Fuentes. Pool had invited them to discuss a much-maligned dinner with former President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago. Ye quickly digressed into a series of anti-Semitic comments, prompting pushback from Pool.

Ye then abruptly left the room and did not return. Pool continued the conversation with one of his staffers.

There is no known connection between that interview and the incident at Pool's building, though the host did note that he had received a "wave of doxxing and threats" in recent days.

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