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Top Powell counsel McCann: Supreme Court has a 'duty' to take Trump team's election fraud cases

McCann believes the high court will at least take the mail-in ballot cases.

Updated: November 30, 2020 - 5:10pm

Attorney Molly McCann, who has been working for high-profile lawyer Sidney Powell, said Monday that the Supreme Court has a 'duty' to take the election fraud cases that the Trump team is uncovering. 

McCann, who will be stepping away from politics to start a clerkship in Texas, said on "Just the News AM" that she has faith that the cases will reach the high court.

She said she also believes President Trump won the election on Nov. 3 and thinks the narrative on so-called "President-elect Biden" needs to change by either winning cases or action in the state legislatures. 

"It's really important for the American people to start to hear what has been filed in these various cases, and hopefully to gain some traction in the media, but we can't see legislators do what they sometimes do, which is make a lot of noise and do some sort of performative hearings but then no action," McCann told show host Carrie Sheffield.

McCann believes that cases related to mail-in ballots will go to the Supreme Court and is hopeful that the justices will do what she considers that which is tough but right for Americans.

"Frankly they owe it to the nation. It really is their duty to take these cases, and to decide that and it would be a complete dereliction of duty in my mind to just blow these off," she said.

Trump acknowledged this weekend the challenge of getting a case before the high court.

"It's very hard to get a case before the Supreme Court," the president said on Fox News' "Sunday Morning Futures."